Installation guide

Compile from source

  1. Install dependencies.

    • C++ compiler (e.g. g++, clang)

    • Python3

    • Cmake

    • QT5/6

    • Eigen3

    • GSL

    • HDF5

    • OpenGL

    • Tiff

    • QHull

    • YAMLCpp

    • FFTW3

    • Blosc

    • OpenCV

    • Swig

    • numpy

    Optional dependencies:

    • OpenMP

  2. Clone the git repository

git clone
  1. Create a build directory, run cmake and compile the source:

cd openhkl
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make -j8
make install <optional>
  1. A SWIG-generated python module is installed to build/swig/; in order to access OpenHKL libraries from a python script, it is necessary to either add the build/swig directory to your $PYTHONPATH variable, or add the following lines to your script.

import sys
import pyohkl as ohkl